Roles & Experience

I have developed a broad skillset over the years as a software developer. In particular, i specialise in Mobile Dev Ops, Custom Web Applications, Custom WordPress Websites, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing/SEO, Backend Technologies, Web Server Maintenance, Management/Delegation and Cloud Security.

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Mobile Dev Ops

I develop iOS & Android mobile applications using Xcode and Android Studio. Specifically written in Swift for iOS and Java for Android. I deploy and manage apps/certificates on Google Play and Apple App Store as well as manage app store presence. Typically I write the backend in PHP and setup an API based transaction to the frontend using JSON calls. All transactions are done securely using api keys and other header security. To version the code, I use a local GIT or Azure Devops GIT repositories.


Custom Web Applications

Creating and manage MVC web applications written in PHP/MySQL. These applications range from POS systems, booking applications or simple custom built websites. I develop on multiple versions of PHP (dependant on the project). I specialise in the Laravel framework as I sets the foundation for a good web dev project. I use GIT to version all projects and to deploy between PROD, TEST and DEV environments with pull requests. I have done many SOAP and REST API integrations utilizing JSON and XML responses. Some the integrations include: Braintree, Myob, ServiceM8, ATO, Datto, Greentree, GreenID, Google Web/Map servers and more.

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Custom WordPress Websites

I design and develop full custom WordPress websites; including custom themes, custom php plugins and payment integrations. When I build a website I focus on mobile optimisation, site performance and SEO optimisation. I currently manage over 50 websites, performing monthly website maintenance, security checks and backups. I develop adhoc requests to these websites from our ticketing portal and adhere to any errors that arises. I can develop up a well-designed and optimised WordPress website very quickly and efficiently.


Graphic Design

Strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD and Adobe Premiere. With experience in Figma, Adobe Audition and Adobe AfterEffects. These tools help me create professional website design, digital and print adverts, signage, tv adverts, brand print media, studio photography. My skillset allows me to get the best of both worths with designing and developing websites. My knowledge increased the speed in which I develop websites as I can edit and manipulate a vast majority of file types to my pleasing.

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Digital Marketing & SEO

I perform website and content optimisation for SEO to improve search engine visibility; this includes off-site and on-site SEO. I manage social media accounts; creating content and graphics to then schedule across multiple platforms. Another skill is email marketing, I setup and create email marketing campains for clients using Mailchimp, MailerLite and Mailgun. I arrange digital and print advertising via Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram , TikTok or traditional print media. I manages Google My Business and Apple Maps business listings, as well as Google Analytics accounts.


Backend Web Technologies

In the past, I have developed on proprietary hosted cloud. Specifically on virtual machines running CENTOS or UBUNTU. I then install whatever is required for that specific project; typically a LAMP or LEMP install, with required PHP extensions or NODEJS/NPM, Composer, Curl, Certbot (AutoSSL) and more. More recently, I develop in the public cloud including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other hosting providers. Utilising web APIs, and focusing a lot more on security and performance.

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Web Server Maintenance

Proficient with WHM, CPanel, CWP using Linux (CENTOS or Ubuntu). Utilising features such as Lets Encrypt Auto SSL, DNS management, Virtual Host setup, debugging error logs and more. Comfortable with LAMP and LEMP installs, Database upgrades, PHP upgrades and Package installs. Familiar with Apache, NGINX, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, SFTP tools, SSH tools and more. I am in charge of DNS managing, typically using Cloudflare, GoDaddy or our private DNS nameservers.


Management & Delegation

I have typically worked quite autonomously, getting the required work done with little instruction needed. However, I have recently been put in a leadership role, delegating work, mentoring and teaching whilst also doing project work. In the past, I have used Autotask ticketing system to delegate work and keep track of time and billing. Nowadays, replying on Azure DevOps to project manage. I will tend to communicate directly with the client/vendor via phone or email, if there further development queries are needed to complete the project or task.

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Cloud Security

With cyber threats only getting worse, security has become a necessary skill to obtain. I proficient in utilising technologies such as Web Application Firewalls, DDoS prevention, Whitelisting, Traffic Rules , Proxies and more. I’m required to code under strict protocols, peer code review, adhere to conventions, keep packages updated, use CSP, use encryption, use ssh keys, and more. I heavily utilise technologies such as Cloudflare and system firewalls to further monitor security. I have also implemented/adhere to security controls for IRAP.